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Welcome, I am Chantal,  
a gifted clairvoyant medium and a certified tarot card reader. I had been aware that I had a gift from as young as 6 years of age when I used to dream about things whilst asleep and then witness them coming true. I would also hear voices when knowing nobody was around. 
True to my birth sign Cancer, the Cancer woman is a moon maiden, my soul is innately connected to the mysteries and magic of the luminous orb that rules the tides. I enjoy connecting with people, I am a natural born listener bringing comfort and compassion. I am a healer by mouth when I’m giving readings making people comfortable, loved and reassured. I’m never judgemental while reading and I love hearing hope in someone’s voice. 
I have been using my gift as a clairvoyant medium for over 25 years using tarot cards and my crystal ball. I can help you find an answer to your clouded thoughts that you cannot find yourself and help you move forward from your current situation by connecting with guiding angels and loved ones. I use my tarot card experience mainly as these guide my clairvoyance and clairaudience senses to help me understand the different aspects of a persons situation in love, romance, finance, career, family, past, present and future without interfering with their spiritual growth and preventing them from making opportunist decisions themselves. 
I have 4 years experience working in a spiritualist church and I have sat circle with many clairvoyance. I have personally experienced trance medium ship which is often seen as a form of mental mediumship. Most trance mediums remain conscious during a communication period, wherein a spirit uses the mediums mind to communicate. The spirits using the mediums mind influences the mind with the thoughts being conveyed. I have the ability and I’ve experienced psychometry which enables me to discover facts about an event or person by touching inanimate objects associated with them. I have also given readings by simply looking at a photograph.  
During a reading I can only give you what I am given by our spirit guides, angels and loved ones and try to clear your clouded thoughts. Your reading will always be given to you with honesty. Remember my guides and loved ones from which I gain my intuitive insights do not have a calendar or a clock so remain flexible about any dates and timings given. There are lots of things that have to come into consideration before what has been predicted can come true. 
I have had lots of memorable experiences being a clairvoyant medium working privately, publicly, online or on television all of which I have enjoyed immensely. 
I have read everyone with an openness 

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